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Be aware not to be abused politically by your spirituality!

Secret global abuse of spirituality for unnoticed political rulership and domination of the masses seems to have a very long tradition starting in pre-ancient Babylon, in pre-ancient Egypt, in ancient jewish semitic tribes having passed on secret methods and clandestine mind tools like taught in the Jewish Kabbalah from generation to generation and has spread as secretive strategy of how to rule masses in kingdoms and lands for warfare, for work and for personal exploitation by past cesars, kings, dictators, presidents and their shadow rulers, who all ordered “magicians”, “masters”, “mind masters”, “priests”, “prophets”, agents and physicians to hypnotize soldiers to run shouting and howling with weapons against enemies. –
Since then hitherto the forms of spirituality continue to get abused to secretly control the human consciousness (the unconscious, the subconscious and the conscious mind), the rational thinking and the behaviour of multitudes of people by these mesmeric telepathic hypnotic methods based on ‘animal magnetism’ (a nature phenomenon) that have been further developed and that are practized to global expansions aiming to organize the ideas, desires and behaviour of soon eight billion,, people on our planet.
Mankind has brought forth a very colorful spiritual palette of ‘systems of utilisation’ that make it easy for trained hypnotists, who act in mind programming services for governments and shadow regiments, to have ‘belief systems’ and ‘modules of faith’ and ‘personal concepts of orientation for life’ in store for every person they meet to seduce them into spiritual imaginations and into personal experiences of various and sophisticated kinds – for examples: monotheistic ideas about a transcendent god or/and asian poises to meditation, spiritism, shamanism, voodoo, wicca, many of them guiding individuals to the ‘awake movements’, to the ‘consciousness movements’, to blank ‘atheism’, and to over all and in all into the ‘satanistic thought patterns’ of thinking and acting within the “inverted matrix” (‘good’ means ‘bad’ and ‘bad’ means ‘good’) communicated within subliminal frequencies (this is: telepathically) on the physical Law of Nature ‘Information Transmission’. –
The spiritual seeker on his/her way in his/her process to find new paradigms and new goals for a further happy life with sense and purpose is in the caught position to get mind controlled at any time and on any point of his/her developing way – even before he/she gets aware of being “in” somehow and of being “in” somewhere – by the ulterior hypnotists’ work.
On secret governmental or/and on shadow ruling orders today’s various and often antagonistic arcane subliminal (this is: telepathic) focused and mind programming movements – targeting religious and spiritual group members, philosphical circle attendants, cultural event partakers, political voters – could instantly be reversed into the opposite (of anything), get forced into one line (whatever line this might be), be phased to one (in any kind of attitude) and be interconnected globally to one_global_coherence of eight billion people on our Earth. –
If in such a case the attitudes, aims and goals of the political hierarchical commanders and their secret hypnotic special mind programming slaves were not correctly adjusted for saving the Earth and for a humanity of soon eight billion people to survive and to thrive, then this basic function of oneness_coherence could bring mankind into a very dangerous and threatening condition to die out, to kill each other and to perish by any kind of destructive misbehaviour.
Spirituality giving inward orientation as a ‘personal experience’ is the other intimate side of religions, cults and spiritual ‘light’ and ‘dark’ movements preparing and underlaying the outward orientation for the person as a natural phenomenon of how adult human beings are able to build their ‘self’ and ‘identity’ in an inner personal process of ‘going through by inner experiences’ and correlating to an outer personal process of connecting, relating and interacting with spiritual teachers, masters, pastors, prophets – who are ‘spiritual models’ acting as ‘spiritual idols’ and who are easily caught to live as mind controlled persons through a government or/and through one or more shadow ruling systems through their social, political and monetary dependencies.
A slight trance condition with mesmerism (NLP term: rapport) between both the hypnotist (the person who induces hypnosis in other persons) and the hypnotisand (the client, patient, victim – the hypnotised person) is the basis for hypnosis and remote hypnosis for all interacting participants.
The superordinate secretive parent_mind_programmers – the agents: hypnotizing handlers who are hierarchically pressed to let themselves be subliminally (by concentrated thinking in the inner mind) called “Father”, “Mother” and “God” – and their mind-programmed hypnotizing spiritual leaders as spiritual models (prophets, pastors, masters, and other) and the average spiritual seekers (the hypnotised individuals, the hypnotisands) as members and participators in spiritual and religious groups and cultural events are connected and can – by hierarchical order and manipulation through governments or/and shadow ruling systems – build up a sudden instantaneous connectedness, an instant collective consciousness, a simultaneous hypnotic oneness of masses and even more: can fastly grow into the condition to function as a hypnotic ‘subliminal information transmission’ mass network. –
As there are globally – surmised – several millions of skilled and special trained secretive parent_mind_programmers working in all kinds of professions (started from mafia bosses, from male and female prostitutes, over police, over teachers, over physicians, to special agents for special mind programming, to cultural idols, to religous and spiritual leaders) there is a great hidden shadow formation in our globally connected population that falling under pressure of wrong orders, false commands and therefore acting in inappropriate obedience easily could destroy mankind by resulting in wrong mass attitude plus wrong mass behaviour and could easily lead to destruction of multitudes of people, destruction of our modern civilization and its high standards of ease and convenience in living and could even destroy our planet Earth.
Be conscious in all matters of religion, spirituality, cultural idols, spiritual models – all these are connected in sexuality and in sexual attraction as the natural primate anchor for mesmerism (rapport) between hypnotists and hypnotisands. –
We, humans, are governable by our intimate areas of personality consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously – and let us be aware about the fact that our individual inner identity – our ego, our ‘self’ – is not fix or a fixed product, but is in a steadfast flowing process of the human conscious plus the human subconsious plus the human unconscious “I” and is influenced strongest not by television or any other kind of mass media but is manipulated strongest by unseen telepathic influences based on the Law of Nature ‘mesmeric animal magnetism’ focused on our inner and even innermost person, on our individual inner sexual “I” and on our sexual orientations.
For keeping political and social peace in our regions and on the whole planet Earth and for living collective social fairness in our global society we need to learn to be ‘subliminal information transmission aware’ and to live hypnosis_aware in matters of possible manipulations on the basis of mesmerism (rapport) and to check collectively in every moment what is and what has to happen to happen and what must NOT happen on our planet Earth and among us as mankind.
Let us check continuously whether all kinds of leaders and spiritual models show a healthy mind, live the right ethics to be able to take the right decisions, to give the correct commands and to lead spiritual seekers and followers to a healthier and happier self and to live well orientated in the mutual outward world with others.
Our planet Earth is like a small spaceship, and there is NO “plan B” and NO “way out” and NO “way of hope” – in case of severe damage or destruction of the Earth’s ecological systems we all would die:
Therefore we all have got to watch – at minimum by our individual and collective conscious minds’ interactions – that we all will live; let us collectively strive for a clean and by irrigation with desalinated fresh water greened planet Earth with green planted clean cities and the opportunity for a well civilised and happily educated and content human existence for every individual on Earth.
Let us create our new world for eight billion,, people:
Don’t give way to untruth and lawlessness; don’t trust, don’t believe – check everything with your logic mind; don’t let yourself be manipulated or even mind ruled; stand and go for social fairness, for truth, for sober laws in our states, and check and prove everything, and act autonomously:
Our new world shall be governed by the utmost intelligent, utmost functional competent and utmost righteous in social ethics.
If we are all one and when we will be all one – then only in having and using the right logic mind and correct aiming purpose:
to save our Earth’s ecological system by caring for clean air through greening the planet and by caring for clean water supply through desalinating and detoxifying seawater to freshwater during long distance flow and to save mankind for thriving to eight billion – – people as to one global collective and living the “Human Rights of the United Nations” equally for every individual.
Additional to hypnosis based mind control the technical, technological means to control consciousness of individuals and masses develop continuously – you may view the scientist Michio Kaku (2014) in the free Youtube video promoting his book “The Future of the Mind”:
Video – Are We Ready For the Coming ‘Age of Abundance?’ – Dr. Michio Kaku (Full)

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Digital FRACTAL Art by Kerry Mitchell at,
with kind permission from Kerry Mitchell on July 9th 2017, effect Knock-out-Green